Sundays, Noon

Brunch Trivia w/ Holly & Jeff

Cube dweller by day, Trivia Mafia host extraordinaire and social butterfly by night. Born and raised in Sconnie, currently resides in the Lowertown neighborhood of downtown Saint Paul with her two cats, Karma and Spike. Connoisseur of fine boxed wines, volunteer rescuer of baby squirrels, and social media addict. Likes sleeping, shiny things, and day drinking. Dislikes popcorn, road trips, and sitcoms.
Also Hosts @ Ox Cart Ale HouseFitzgerald's, Green Lantern
Twitter: @hollygirl101
Instagram: @hollygirl_101

Born and raised in Minnesota and currently residing in St. Paul. Former Branch Manager of Dr. Sketchy's Twin Cities, Beer Mascot for Tallgrass Brewing Company turned tattoo consultant, band manager, promoter and now Trivia Mafia Host with the most. Enjoys long walks on the beach. craft beers and BRUNCH!
Also Hosts @: 56 Brewing
 Twitter: @Fuzzmaster_flex
Instagram: Fuzzmasterflex

mondays, 7pm

Trivia w/ Sierra & Jiffy

Sierra is a nonprofit bean counter, sassy door girl, amateur seamstress, lover of horror and true crime, fierce broomball player, and a stick shift driving badass from North Dakota who currently lives in Saint Paul, MN. She will survive the zombie apocalypse with the items in her purse. She is still waiting to become a Jedi.
Twitter: @thequirkyscheet
Instagram: @thequirkyscheet

Jiffy is the host of your dreams -- your nightmare dreams!!! JK, but seriously, she's a host.

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6 W 6th St
St Paul, MN

About the Bar /
Amsterdam is the place to be and be seen in Downtown St. Paul; a fantastic and intimate venue for live music, and perfectly suited for trivia.