Happy Laborial Day! Plus tonight's 331 Club IOQ.

The waiting is over. At long last, the sacred celebration is upon us. Ladies and gentlemen, Happy Laborial Day! 

Don we now our black and white apparel and prepare to travel from bar to bar in Northeast, playing goofy trivial bar games at each stop enroute to crowning the winners of Laborial Day. 

We start at 5 PM at the 331 Club. What you can expect:

- Trivia and/or Blingo at each stop (winning teams get free drinks at the next bar). 

- A crawl-wide scavenger hunt

- The Laborial King will be joining us, so all teams are encouraged to buy his drinks. How'd he get so powerful, you may ask? He found the Laborial Stone! 

- At 8 we'll reconvene at the 331 for regular trivia, at which point we'll tally your scores from the Laborial Day pub crawl and give the winning team the Laborial Day prize pack, including a special gift from Miller High Life as well as $100 cash


There's won't be a "Nash Knows" question tonight, since we'll all be at other bars, but here's the IOQ for tonight's 331 Club trivia:


Today is July 22. As everyone knows, it's the world's most trivial holiday. In addition to that, it's also Pi Approximation Day, because 22/7 (as European shorthand would have this date) is actually closer to actual pi than 3.14, which is celebrated on March 14. But wait, it gets even nerdier than that. Whose birthday is also celebrated by the math and science geeks on that other Pi Day?