tuesDAYS, 7PM

Trivia w/ Maximillian

Born to rich parents, Maximillian ran away at a young age to pursue his own wealth.  After years of fighting Nazis and rhinoceri he has amassed a fortune of literally hundreds of tens of dollars (Canadian).  He is survived by his cat.

thursDAYS, 7PM

Trivia | w/ Aurora

I usually only come out of my cave on the Sabbath, but I made an exception for my love of trivia. You can catch me around the cities now and then doing other comedy, or catch me performing a séance in the woods by my house. Either way come over and say hello, I'm real friendly!                                                              
Instagram: @thespookybaby
Also Hosts @ Green Mill Blaine

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16 University ave ne
Minneapolis, MN

About the Bar /
Players can face off in a battle of facts while sipping on $3 pints of Summit and savoring some superior pub bites. And in addition to great prizes, every member of the top two trivia teams will be entered into a quarterly drawing for a tour of St. Paul’s Summit Brewery. NOTE: The max team size is 4 people! Plan wisely and split up!


We also host B-L-I-N-G-O here Thursdays at 8pm!