Together with their families, Trivia Mafia cordially invites you to celebrate the world's most trivia holiday, Laborial Day, with us. 


Saturday, July 23. From two o'clock in the afternoon until six o'clock. 


The bars of Northeast Minneapolis, beginning and ending at Shaw's at University and 16th Street.

How It Works: 

Laborial Day is a trivia pub crawl. You and your trivia team will assemble at Shaw's, at which point we'll do a round of trivia (and probably eat a Shaw Burger.) Whichever team wins that round will drink for free at the next bar. And so on, with trivia rounds and free drinks for the winners at each bar. The team with the highest overall score will win a Super-Fabulous Prize Pack, courtesy of Summit Brewing.

Additionally: Whoever found this year's Laborial Stone will be crowned Her Labroyal Highness and receive a free drink at every bar along the crawl! 


Why not? We always wanted to make a holiday, and this is what we came up with. We've been doing it since 2010, and it's super fun. 

What does it cost?


What Laborial Day traditions should I be aware of? 

There are many: 

- The wearing of black and white;

- The eating of black and white foodstuffs, namely Laboreos and ice cream sandwiches;

- The playing of lots of trivia. 

Tell your friends, warn enemies, and see you at Shaw's Bar on Saturday, July 23 at 2 PM for Laborial Day!  

The Hunt for the Laborial Stone:

The hunt is over! The Laborial Stone has been found. Congratulations to the finder, who spotted the stone next to a tree with a birdhouse on it, near the walking bridge on the south side of Boom Island Park. She's going to drink for free at Laborial Day!  

These were the clues that led to the stone:

Clue #3:

Quoth John Donne, no man’s an island. 
And neither is this place—to the east is just dry land!
The hunt’s heating up, or maybe it's the weather. 
What just landed on my head? Hey, a feather! 

Clue #2: 

Whoever named this place must be a liar. 
A Monopoly card, and kissers afire,
Plus the river’s flow, and a pedestrian too,
All gathered here, and so should you. 

So many people out Pokemon hunting—
Don’t they have jobs, or school, or something? 
I watch them strolling, day and night,
Across the bridge, their phones gripped tight. 

Clue #1: 

Why seek me out? Here’s a reminder:
Great rewards await the finder. 
Free drinks, respect, some bling to boot,
Are all included in the loot. 

I’m confident you’ll never see
A rock as beautiful as me. 
I love the name of a nearby road; 
I’m so pumped for Saturday, I just might explode!

Here's a peek at the 2016 Laborial Stone (before it was hidden). 

Here's a peek at the 2016 Laborial Stone (before it was hidden).