Trivia | w/ Colin & Erin

Colin is an enthusiastic individual. He enjoys coffee, beer, guacamole, and dancing, in any order and combination. He's a small man with a big personality, looking for a way to combine trivia and karaoke into one glorious event.
Also Hosts @: Wander North Distillery

Erin has an emotional connection with Dana Scully. She loves her dog, but he's pretty so-so on her. In her spare time you can find her talking about recycling to the point of annoyance or on a pair of quad skates.
Also Hosts @ Chef Shack Ranch
Twitter: @ErinKayser
Instagram: Ekayser4

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1368 Lasalle ave
minneapolis, MN

About the Bar /

This spacious, one-of-a-kind taproom serves up a delicious array of Belgian ales. And the space has the uncanny ability to transform and rearrange, giving patrons a truly unique experience each visit.