Sundays, 7pm

Trivia w/ Mandy

I'm the host of your dreams -- your nightmare dreams!!! JK, but seriously, I'm a host.
Also Hosts @ Black Sheep - North Loop & Campus Club

thursdays, 8pm

Trivia | w/ Peter & Kyle


I'm just your average kind of dude. I wrastle vicious wildlife in the morning, and play some sweet tunes on the didgeridoo in the evening. Sometimes I come down from the mountains just to read trivia to some awesome folks. You know, regular people things.
Twitter: @thirdpartypeter


Kyle was born and raised in the heart of Pennsyltucky but eventually packed a bindle full of Yuenglings and headed off to the big cities of Pittsburgh and Denver. Now a proud resident of Minneapolis, he is still figuring out the language of the natives.  So when you see me at trivia be sure to come over to say "Uff da". Am I using that right?
Instagram: @kpk8541

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About the Bar /
Housed in a fantastic old theatre, this place doesn’t skimp on the ambiance -- or superior craft beer.

We also host B-L-I-N-G-O here Thursdays at 7pm!