Trivia | w/ Peter

Hey fellow trivia nerds! My name is Peter and I'm your superb host at Mac's Industrial every Thursday night. When I'm not awkwardly asking questions into a microphone you might find me at school studying to become a science teacher, at a brew pub anywhere in Nordeast, or at a dog park with my Pointer mix Maia (my wife sometimes gets jealous of our relationship). I'm also a fan of anything sci-fi/fantasy. Ask me about ASOIAF and I'll talk for days.
Twitter: @goschuchurself
Instagram: @goschuchyourself

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312 Central Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN

About the Bar /
This no-nonsense sports bar -- located between Northeast Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota -- has dozens of beers on tap and wicked awesome sandwiches. And Mac's trivia is so awesome, we do it twice. The 8pm and 9:45pm quizzes are different, so stay for both!