Ciao + Chow On Lake Minnetonka!

Trivia Mafia is making its triumphant return to Excelsior!

Starting in July, you can play America's Best Trivia at the fantastic Victor's On Water every Friday night.

Located a block away from Excelsior Bay on historic Water Street, the ambiance-rich Victor's serves up Italian-inspired dishes, like the savory gemelli Bolognese, and squid ink linguini.

They also make several unique and flavorful pizzas. (The "Rogers Nelson" makes doves cry. Doves love pizza, btw.)

And it would be our dream come true to subsist on nothing but their arancini, which are deep-fried, stuffed rice balls. Molto delizioso!

Victor's also has crazy-good desserts and an extensive and impressive wine and cocktail menu.

So go purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, towel off, and join us for trivia fantastico!


Trivia Mafia at Victor's on Water

Every Friday at 7 pm – starting July 7


Victor's On Water
205 Water St. Excelsior, MN