We're North Dakota Dreamin' In Grand Forks!

Trivia Mafia is heading to where the dreamers dream: Grand Forks, of course!

The newly-renovated Dreamer's Lounge at the Ramada Inn will soon feature American's best trivia every Tuesday night, hosted by Marcus Woodard.

This is a fantastic, atmosphere-rich spot to hang and unwind with pals over a cocktail (or three).

Dreamer's also serves up great eats, including tacos, pizza and brats. And trivia players also get access to their chili bar when they buy a drink!

They've also got pool tables, card tables, a jukebox to get your tail feather shaking, and plenty of screens to watch the big game.

Now go get some rest before our September 19th debut, because we've all got a lot of preparatory dreaming to do!


Trivia Mafia at The Dreamer's Lounge

Every Tuesday at 8 pm – starting Sept. 19


The Dreamer's Lounge at Ramada Inn

1205 North 43rd St.

Grand Forks, ND