Play 'til the end


It was great to sub for Matt last night and y'all did a fantastic job of displaying some trivia prowess. I have to say that Monday nights are really hard for trivia! I didn't know the answers to some of those questions!

The Saucy Interlopers insisted that they weren't going to win... SURPRISE!

At 42.5 Pinball Wizards displayed another kind of wizardry...

Finally, PPool just seems to love alliteration.


11.24 While the cat is away

You would think the mice would play. BUT. They were very well behaved. None of that middle school lets be ridiculous bad for the Substitute teacher BS. We are adults here. Well done Nomad and thanks for making me feel comfortable at my trivia home away from home. 

Check out the top teams below. 

First Place 44.5/55 Points - Eight Ball Deluxe (not cocaine) 


Second Place 43.5/55 - Definitely Not Law Students 


Third Place - 42.5/55 Points - Schwartz Bootses 

9.8 Aztec for Testicle

Avocado, of course! While rocking through round two Forgetymologies we took a look at the origin of common words. And a fruit that derives from the Aztec word for testicle is of course the avocado!

It is always a pleasure filling in for Matt at the Nomad! What a cool crowd of 5 teams! Check out the top three teams below


First Place 50/55 points - The Saucy Interlopers did it again! Well done Lazer Eyes. Enjoy your newly improved VIP gift card to the Nomad!


Second Place 49.5/55 Points - Crow Wing County, more like Tall Kid County were half a point short of first. These folks got to enjoy a round of bartenders choice shots!


Third Place 47/55 points - Fart Squatters. enough said. Enjoy your Huge Theater tix!