Once March Madness is over, get ready for May Madness as Trivia Mafia brings you our fourth-annual Spring Invitational!

This single-elimination bar tournament trivia event will stack up the finest trivia teams in the land for an afternoon of fierce competition.

Teams of up to 6 people will compete for the chance to win the grand prize of $600 (or one of our many sizable consolation prizes).

Teams will be seeded via a short initial trivia round. Then we'll do four "stages" of trivia, with the tournament bracket updating as we go. At the end of each round, winning teams will advance and match up against another winning team. Losing teams will enter consolation pools, so they can keep playing trivia all day long.

Prizes will be awarded to each of the Final  Four teams, with winners and runners-up in each of the 3 consolation pools getting something to take home.

That's a total pot of more than $1,600 in cash and prizes!

More rounds. More prizes. More hosts. More fun than your weekly trivia night. Which, as you know, is already pretty freaking fun.

There are only 32 spots available, and when they're gone, they're gone!  Get your tickets now

amsterdam bar & hall
6 w 6th st
st. paul, mn