3.10.15 - What's the hell is Heather?

Cheers to all the teams that made it out for trivia Tuesday! As always, I had a fun time hosting. Here is how the night shaked out.

1st with 52 points - PB Army

2nd with 49 points - Affiliates of Physicians Group LLC D.C. and D.O. Owned

3rd with 44 points - Next Adventure

Halfway winners with 20 points went to PB Army.

Honorable Mention went to We're Cheating. Even though they weren't, they were a couple a funny dudes. Come back to trivia!

Thanks to Glamdoll Donuts for their support.

See you next week.

January 27: Some like it Pike

The first place dudes weren't that excited to win first place... so next time I sub, they get NO prizes from me!  haha.. i kid... maybe.


In first place at the half and at the end:

with 50.5 points!



Second place by half a point was Your Killing Me, Smalls and another half a point separated the third place team, who beat out the trivia regulars in the tie breaker, Jockstrap Jazzercise!





Everyone was great!  I'd love to host here again another day!



12/23 Subbed

Thank you Village Pub for an awesome night. It was really fun to fill in for Andrea on this festive night, and what a night it was! With PB Army bringing the Festivus Pole, and a team getting called out for cheating, I think we all managed to prove that sometimes, we just need some trivia.

Hey, hey, hey, Just think while you've been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world, You could've been getting down to this sick beat. was your first place team. They couldn't be caught in the first half and kept it going through the second.

At just 2 points behind, PB Army put forth an impressive trivia effort.

The No-Knothings did their best to keep up, but ended up with a delicious donut from Glam Doll Donuts.


11.18.14 - January Trivia in November

High-fives around the room for all the folks that made it out to trivia last night even though it was a bagillion degrees below zero...or at least felt like it. What's with the January weather in November?!? Well, good thing we have Trivia Mafia to keep everyone warm with competition!

Here are the winnerzzzzzz!

First place - Sticky Floors - 49 points

Village Pub Winners 11.18.14

Second place - PB Army - 46 points

Village Pub Winners 11.18.14

Third place - Mondrose Special Cup Pants - 45 points

Village Pub Winners 11.18.14




11.11.14 - Back in the Saddle

Hello trivia-goers!

It was nice to see all your friendly, smiling faces again on Tuesday. I was glad I could host again after my maternity leave. The teams were on the light side due to the lovely weather, but it looks like the dedicated teams showed up to get their trivia knowledge on. It was a seriously neck-and-neck when it came to the scores for the evening. Here's how the night played out...

First place with 54 points: Bi-Curious George! They requested to take the pair of the tickets for Wits at the Fitzgerald Theater because it's such a rad prize. Enjoy the show Nate! ;)

Second place with 49 points went to Team America who snagged the $25 gift card to the Village Pub.

Third place with 48 points went to Jockstrap Jazzercise which was a $10 gift card to Caribou Coffee. Nice to see you all again!

Honorable mention went to PB Army who lost the tie-breaker for third place.

The halfway winner of a round of brewskis went to Bi-Curious George who had 19 points at the half way mark.

Again, so nice to see everyone again at the Pub. See you next Tuesday! :)


11.4.14 - We VOTE for Trivia!

On this election day, we voted for trivia! These are the teams that got elected to first, second, and third place!

This week, PB Army is in second place again, as I Award You No Points and May God Have Mercy on Your Soul brought their secret weapon (see below) and were back in first place. And congrats to newbies (and the brains and taste buds behind Surly) TFD for grabbing third place and scoring a pair of tickets to see Wits on November 14th with Hari Kondabolu with OK GO! Pretty sweet, eh?

First Place - I Award You No Points and May God Have Mercy on Your Soul - 55 points

*This is their secret weapon...

11.4.14 Village Pub Trivia Winners

Second Place - PB Army - 50 points

11.4.14 Village Pub Trivia Winners

Third Place - TFD - 48 points

11.4.14 Village Pub Trivia Winners



10.28.14 - Parlez-vous francais?

If you were an expert in Halloween and could speak a bit of French, you probably did well this week. Who knows what it'll be next week - that's why it's trivia!

The winners this week were neck-and-neck at half time with our first place team a point down from first at the half. Then they managed to win by one point. Here are the winners!

First Place - I Want Candy - 49 points

10.28.14 Village Pub Trivia Mafia Winners

Second Place - PB Army - 48 points

10.28.14 Village Pub Trivia Mafia Winners

Third Place - 4-Peat - 46 points*

*Any team that bails before I can get their photo means that I get to choose their photo...

Congrats to all the teams that came out this evening for Trivia Mafia. Special shout out to Team Trivia 55!!

10.14.14 - Silly rabbit! Trivia's for kids!

If you were at trivia this week,

a) you probably had a blast

b) you also probably scored really well if you knew a bit about movies and a bit about frozen pizza.

And if you were one of these teams, then you WON!

First Place - Bought a Time Share in Liberia #YOLO - 52 points

Village Pub Winners for 10.14.14

Second Place - Poutine Martini - 45 points*

Village Pub Winners for 10.14.14

Third Place - Tuesday Turnaround - 42 points (and tie-breaker winner)

Village Pub Winners for 10.14.14

Shout Out - PB Army - 42 points (rough time with the tie-breaker round)


*Please note the awesome photobomb. There is a team member participating in this photo shoot from outdoors.

10.7.14 - Three-way Double tie-breaker action!

If you missed trivia at the Village Pub this week, you missed a rare event - a three-way double tie-breaker. No, this isn't some crazy cage-fighting maneuver. It's actually one of the most intense ways to win trivia: by surviving a three-way to result in another tie-breaker and then winning that. It's like American Ninja Warrior for trivia. So here's who won...

First place - Rob Ford Experience - 53 points (winner of two tie-breakers)

10/7/14 Village Pub Trivia Winners

Second place - PB Army - 53 points (winner of one tie-breaker)

10/7/14 Village Pub Trivia Winners

Third place - Pepin Hill Wonders - 53 points (tie-breaker player)

10/7/14 Village Pub Trivia Winners

9.30.14 - Winner winner! Chicken Dinner! Errr....

Thanks to all the teams that turned out to The Village Pub on a busy night for some healthy trivia competition!

The top two teams this week were invited to play in the tournament of champions, which is going down at Amsterdam Bar and Hall on October 25th. The top teams from all Mafia locations are going to playing for ultimate champion...think Ultimate Ninja Warrior for trivia.

And congrats to the winners...

1st place - Poor Anna - 51 points

Village Pub Winners on 9.30.14

2nd place - PB Army - 49 points

Village Pub Winners on 9.30.14

3rd place - It's My Poutine's Birthday - 46 points

Village Pub Winners on 9.30.14


See you next week, folks!!


09.22.14 - New Sub at the Pub!

Hey Village Pub Trivia Masters! Lindsay, here! I'll be subbing at the Pub while Andrea is takin' a little time off to concentrate on taking care of herself and baby girl. While there's no baby girl yet, but don't worry, I'll let you know all know when baby and new mama are all happy and healthy!

Until then, let's have a blast a the Village Pub! I'm looking forward to hanging out with everyone each Tuesday as we put our random knowledge to work!

This week the scores were really close - clustered around the high 40s. Yet, a winner prevailed!

First place - Gotham's Finest - 49 points

Village Pub Trivia Winners on 9/22/14

And we had a tie for second place, and here's how the tie-breaker shook loose:

Second place - Sugar Magic, Magic Poutine - 47 points (tie-breaker winner)

Village Pub Trivia Winners on 9/22/14

Third place - Fourth Place - 47 points

Village Pub Trivia Winners on 9/22/14

And yes, our third place team has a confusing name...maybe that's part of their strategy!

See you next week! Same time, same place, same sub at the pub!


8.26.14 - Team Ratburn in...The Near-Perfect Score

Thanks for hanging out with me while Andrea was off for the night! It was a tight race for the top, but Team Ratburn ended up taking the #1 slot in the second half while we had a tie-breaker for third place. Results below!

First place - Ratburn - 53 points

Second place - Snake Cop Strikes Back - 51 points

Third place - Dumpster Babies - 50 points and tie-breaker winner

Honorable Mention - PB Army - 50 points - AND Half-time Winner

Shout outs to The Fighting Mongooses with 49 points and Lava Monsters with 48 points! Congrats to all the teams that flexed their grey matter!