friDAYS, 7PM

Music & Movies Trivia | w/ Laura & Sean

Laura Who Laura is really isn't important. What is important is that they never make a remake of the 1987 classic film "The Lost Boys." Never. Ever. The Coreys forever!

Sean Movie junkie, DJ, musician, and local red-bearded man-about-town. Twitter: @ohseanofnoise


Trivia | w/ Chuck & Sean

Chuck “Oh, knock it off!” - Frasier Crane Twitter: @cterhark

Sean Sean McPherson is an accomplished accomplice. He plays bass for Heiruspecs, Dessa and his solo project, Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra. He is the co-founder of Trivia Mafia, the best trivia company in the world. I’m a host on 89.3 The Current. If you are attempting to engage him in a conversation bring up salad bars, obscure hip-hop or facts related to the US Interstate System. CoffeeOrder: Light Roast, 2 creams, 9 splendas. Drink: 2 whiskeys on the rocks and keep em coming garçon. Twitter: @twinkiejiggles

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331 13th Ave NE
minneapolis, MN

About the Bar /

This intimate Northeast Minneapolis institution is beloved for its ambiance, free music, that hypnotic deer-near-LA-wildfire-or-something painting, and great people watching. It’s also the birthplace of Trivia Mafia.