fridays, 7pm

Music & Movies Trivia | w/ Laura & Sean

Who Laura is really isn't important. What is important is that they never make a remake of the 1987 classic film “The Lost Boys.” Never. Ever. The Coreys forever!

Movie junkie, DJ, musician, and local red-bearded man-about-town.
Twitter: @ohseanofnoise

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sundays, 8pm

Sunday Night Trivia | w/ Chuck & Sean

Sean is an accomplished accomplice. He plays bass for Heiruspecs, Dessa and his solo project, Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra. He is the co-founder of Trivia Mafia, the best trivia company in the world. He is the interim host of the Morning Show on 89.3 The Current. If you are attempting to engage him in a conversation bring up salad bars, obscure hip-hop or facts related to the US Interstate System. CoffeeOrder: Light Roast, 2 creams, 9 splendas. Drink: 2 whiskeys on the rocks and keep em coming garçon.

Twitter: @twinkiejiggles

Chuck is the co-founder of Trivia Mafia. He plays bass and saw for the Como Avenue Jug Band (the Heiruspecs of Minnesota jug bands) and in his spare time he organizes the world's largest pub crawl, for which he has a Guinness World Record. He was once the president of a juggling club, a fact that he mentions in every job interview. He is Trivia Mafia's head question writer and editor, which is why we ask so many questions about "Frasier." 
Twitter: @cterhark

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331 13th Ave NE Minneapolis, MN

About the Bar /
This intimate Northeast Minneapolis institution is beloved for its dim ambiance, free music and great people watching. It’s also the birthplace of Trivia Mafia!