the story of the world's best bar trivia

Trivia Mafia began in 2007 as a weekly Sunday trivia night in Northeast Minneapolis, then called "Chuck & Sean's Trivia." It started small, but quickly grew, and was soon dubbed "the best bar trivia in Minneapolis."

A few years later, more bars began to notice how trivia nights attracted big crowds week after week, so they called us up. We launched a few more trivia nights throughout the Twin Cities, and started calling ourselves "the best bar trivia in Minnesota."

Today Trivia Mafia is the largest and most popular bar trivia company in the Midwest. We considered calling ourselves "the best bar trivia in the Midwest," but decided to screw it and just skip straight to "the world." So far nobody's proven us wrong.

In addition to our weekly schedule of trivia nights, we now also produce two massive trivia tournaments every spring and fall.  



Trivia Mafia is old-school, team-based, pen-and-paper trivia. None of this touchscreen nonsense. We  ask questions about everything under the sun (and, in certain astronomy-themed rounds, stuff beyond that). Pop culture, history, geography, science, even wordplay and puzzles. There are no rules. Well, actually, there is one rule. As we like to say: "Use your noodle. Not your Google."

Trivia Mafia players know that a fun night out at the bar means putting the screens away and arguing with your friends about which Tex-Mex food's name means "thingamajig" in English (chimichanga) or which MTV show was called "Macaroni Rascals" in Japan (Jersey Shore). All while competing with other know-it-alls for trivia glory.  

Thousands of people have made a Trivia Mafia night their weekly trivia fix. Find a location near you! 


Extra! Extra!

We also expanded beyond trivia, teaming up with Blingo, our favorite local bar-bingo providers, to bring bingo to our bar and brewery partners. And in 2011 we started the Drinkin' Spelling Bee, an adult-beverage-centered spelling contest, which now runs every Saturday at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis. 

Drinkin' Spelling Bee  |  Blingo