Trivia | w/ Rachel & Lisa

Hiya! Molding minds is my life passion. A preschool teacher by day, trivia host by night; I teach people of all ages the art of critical thinking. You can usually find me frequenting the fine establishments that NE Mpls has to offer frequently, cruising around on my Sangre Azul (yes, I named my bike) or a Nice Ride, hooping in my driveway, wandering aimlessly around music festivals, or sitting down by the river contemplating all life has to offer.
Also Hosts @: Mac’s Industrial Bar, Insight Brewing

I like food, friends, good food, hiking, music, art, and great food. I also love trivia! So let's hang out, get some food, and challenge our brains!
Also Hosts @: Gabe's By The Park

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1315 Tyler St NE
Minneapolis, MN

About the Bar /
A brew lab? Sounds sciencey -- and it is in the best way possible. Forward-thinking beers are flowing in this amazing space in Northeast Minneapolis. Great music, art, brew and trivia collide for your pleasure.

We also host B-L-I-N-G-O here bi-monthly on Thursdays (1st and 3rd)!