If you're looking for the Twin Cities' best bar game, dear Internet traveler, you've come to the right place.


Here's how it works: Spellers start off with one free beer on the house, to settle their nerves. We call it "spellin' juice." Then they get a number. Then they spell words in the order of the number around their necks. If they spell the word correctly, they get another free beer and move on to the next round. If they spell it wrong, they're out. 

There are four rounds, with the difficulty increasing every round. Spellers can ask for definitions, languages of origin, parts of speech, and (our favorite) a mildly offensive sentence using the word. Any spellers left standing after round 4 will enter the lightning round. Last speller standing wins a $25 bar tab and INFINITE GLORY. And a t-shirt, if we have one handy. 



The Drinkin' Spelling Bee goes down every Saturday night at 7 at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis! Registration starts at 6:30!

Registration: 6:30 PM (get there early, or buy advance tickets to ensure your spot!)

Bee: 7:00 PM

The 331 Drinking Spelling Bee w/ Max & Marisa


Max is a writer and comedian from New York City. A graduate of an elite Minnesota college, he now reads questions and words to drunk people for money. Although his professional resume is a veritable “who’s who” of mediocrity, his creative CV features The Brave New Workshop, Huge Improv Theater, The Twin Cities Improv Festival, Austin Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, MPLS.tv, TC Jewfolk, and numerous other minimally-known media. When he’s not hosting Trivia and Spelling Bees, he enjoys streaming true crime and tending to his adorable dog, Charlie. Definitely talk to him now…he’ll ghost you on the quick.
Instagram: @maxleibowitz Also Hosts @: Hammer & Sickle, 331 Club Spelling Bee, 612Brew, Target Field Station (June & July)


Podcaster, aspiring comedian and meme lover with a voice perfect for silent films. I think I'm funnier than I am, but you can be the judge of that!
Also Hosts @ Lyndale Tap House, Green Mill Roseville
Twitter: @MarisaMalahowsk
Instagram: mmmmskiiii