You know nothing.

Game of thrones
trivia night

sunday, april 7

we drink. and we know things.

The Westerosi world is sprawling and complex, so our content will be primarily focused on places on the map and events depicted in the HBO show Game of Thrones (though it’s very possible tidbits from the original Song of Ice and Fire series, Duncan and Egg stories, and recap publications will be hinted at or referenced). Talk to the Spider and his little birds, hold the door, watch out for White Walkers, and rewatch the first seven seasons so you can remember which characters are still alive and who was Rhaegar, again?

WHEN YOU PLAY THE GAME OF THRONES, YOU WIN OR YOU DIE. when you play game of thrones trivia… well, the stakes are slightly lower (but only slightly).

Gather your best people to your banner. Choose wisely; like the Stark direwolves, you only get six. And let’s be honest, while Arya is our favorite character, she might not make the best trivia teammate. Hot Pie, on the other hand - bring that guy, he’s got snacks. We’d add Bran (the Three-Eyed Raven is amazing at trivia), Lyanna Mormont (every team needs a boss), Missandei (she speaks seventeen languages), and Tyrion (obvi). Who will you cosplay, and who will be on your real-life trivia team?

times vary by location

Bauhaus Brew Labs (NE Mpls) 7:00 PM

Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit (NE Mpls) 8:00 PM

Iron Door (Uptown) 7:00 PM

Shakopee Brewhall (Shakopee) 7:00 PM

Summit Brewing Co (St Paul) 4:00 PM

$5 CASH/player | 6 players/team

No registration required (so come early to snag a seat). Big prizes for the top three teams, including CASH and GIFT CARDS. Plus other fun goodies for the best-dressed and most creatively named teams!



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