wednesday, july 31, 2019

Honestly, are we the only people who've ever bothered to read “Hogwarts: A History”?

harry potter trivia!

we solemnly swear we are up to no good.

Has it really been a decade since the series ended? Friends, the seventh book was published twelve years ago, which means that our invitations to Hogwarts are at least a year overdue. While we will likely make mention of some aspects of the films (and that stage production, seems to be really magical), this trivia night is one for the books. From The Philosopher’s Stone to The Deathly Hallows, we want to journey together to the wonderful world of wizarding and The Boy Who Lived, written of by J. K. Rowling. So dust off your puppets, mind the gap at platform 9 3/4, and come manage some mischief with us.

Honestly, are we the only ones who’ve ever bothered to read ‘Hogwarts, A History?’

Calling all Hermiones, those who have definitely done the reading (twice), and the Lunas with their conspiracy theories; bring Won-Won and and Lavender if you like, Fred and George (of course), Katie Bell to beat off the bludgers, and maybe Harry himself. Oh, but teams are limited to six people, so choose wisely. No Felix Felicis or Google allowed, so keep an eye on those Slytherin, will you? No need to demonstrate magic, but we do ask for $5 per player - you can buy tickets here, or bring cash to the event.

wednesday, JULY 31, 2019
Start times tbd

Choose your Hogwarts surrogate:

Black Sheep - Eat Street

Black Sheep - North Loop

Black Sheep - St. Paul

The Nook - St. Paul

The Suburban - Excelsior

Venn Brewing - S Mpls




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