Trivia | w/ Joel & Alex


I love loud concerts, nachos and re-runs of The Office. Im from Muskego, WI and moved to the Twin Cities 7 years ago for school and I love it. During the summer you can find me looking goofy while rollerblading around the lakes, grilling and at every festival possible. During the winter you can find me waiting for it to be summer again. I’ve seen my favorite band 19 times and I’m happiest seeing any live music.  Twitter: @JMHurtz Instagram: @JMHurtz


I'm as comfortable writing code as I am at the stern of a canoe (that's the back for all you non-nautical folk). I love beer, wonderful foods, binge-watching House Of Cards and snuggling my pup Eva. Luckily I can enjoy all of those things at the same time.
Twitter: @alexwcarlson

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701 N 5th st
minneapolis, MN

About the Bar /

With their huge space and communal seating, Inbound BrewCo has a genuine, bombastic beerhall feel. Come prepared for some challenging trivia, and the ultimate challenge of trying to decide on which of Inbound’s 18 beers to try first!