Trivia | w/ Kirsten & Alex


Guten tag! Kirsten here. I'm a simple gal really. My happy places: Hanging with the people I love; usually with an adult libation in hand. Deeply involved in a Netflix binge or premium HBO programming... (thanks best friend for sharing your HBO Go password) Lost in nature with the hubs and pup, or creating delicious chaos in a kitchen.
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I'm as comfortable writing code as I am at the stern of a canoe (that's the back for all you non-nautical folk). I love beer, wonderful foods, binge-watching House Of Cards and snuggling my pup Eva. Luckily I can enjoy all of those things at the same time.
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701 N 5th st
minneapolis, MN

About the Bar /

With their huge space and communal seating, Inbound BrewCo has a genuine, bombastic beerhall feel. Come prepared for some challenging trivia, and the ultimate challenge of trying to decide on which of Inbound’s 18 beers to try first!