We're Baking A Deep Dish Quiz In Ramsey

The world’s greatest bar trivia has hooked up with a Chicagoland pizza institution.

Play with us at Aurelio’s Pizza in Ramsey every Monday night! They’ve given the Midwest 60 years of legendary deep dish pizza -- not to mention their homemade Italian sausage sandwiches. Plus their deep dish cookies are magnifico!

Aurelio’s also sports a full bar with a stellar beer and cocktail selection.

Make sure to say “Slice to meet you” to the waitstaff! Hmm, on second thought don’t. They may think you’re a “weirdough” or something. OK, we’ll stop with the “pun”ishment for now.

Trivia At Aurelio’s Pizza

Every Monday at 7pm

Aurelio’s Pizza

6415 Hwy. 10

Ramsey, MN

Yes, Matt Damon, We DO Like Them Apples

We love us some good cider, so we’re totally applejacked to be bringing Trivia Mafia to the finest cider brewery in the Midwest.

Duluth Cider is [Lake] Superior to the core. Naturally gluten-free, made in-house from 100% Minnesota apples. Their dry, hopped and experimental juice blend concoctions will forever alter the cider-appreciation center of your brain. May we recommend their strawberry basil cider, or their tequila oak-aged variety? Yes we may!

And do order in from local treasures like the Duluth Grill, OMC Smokehouse, Lee’s Pizza and Pizza Lucé, or score some locally-sourced snacks on-site.

It’s all located in a strikingly-restored building that turns 100 this year. For the record, it used to house the Duluth Post Office’s horses.  We smell a Toby Keith - Lil Nas X “Cider For My Horses” collab in the air!

Trivia At Duluth Cider

Every Monday at 7pm - Starting June 3

Duluth Cider

2307 W. Superior St.

Duluth, MN

Drink To The Town That Bred Mr. Prohibition!

Granite Falls’ new taproom cooperative is ready to serve your trivia cooperative!

Bluenose Gopher Public House and Trivia Mafia are joining forces every first and third Thursday of the month for questions, community and consumption of great Minnesota beer and wine.

This volunteer-led arts and ideas collective is in the home city of the “Bluenose Gopher” himself, Andrew Volstead -- the congressman who championed prohibition. Don’t worry, the man’s been dead for 72 years. Drink up.

They pour a dozen of Minnesota’s best brews on tap, and they also serve a dozen fine Minnesota wines.

Order in some Jimmy’s Pizza from down the block, bring in a pie from Casey’s General Store in town, or heck, initiate a new bi-weekly potluck tradition for your team!

Trivia At Bluenose Gopher Public House

1st & 3rd Thursday at 7pm

Bluenose Gopher Public House

681 Prentice St.

Granite Falls, MN