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The best trivia company in Minnesota is cozying up with the best darn bar near the University of Wisconsin-River Falls campus.

Junior’s Bar & Restaurant, already a local favorite for live music, will now have Trivia Mafia take the stage with a weekly pub quiz. This sports bar boasts a diverse selection of cold brews, and their bountiful burgers and pad Thai set the bar high for bar food. With host Karyn Wells at the reigns, Thursday nights in River Falls just got a little bit more brainy and boisterous.

Trivia Mafia at Junior’s Bar & Restaurant

Thursdays at 8pm, starting January 14

Junior’s Bar & Restaurant

414 S. Main St.

River Falls, WI

(715) 425-6630

If you do come on down to play at Trivia Mafia trivia, there are a couple of things you should know:

  • There’s no cost to play, it’s totally free!
  • Our trivia events are designed for teams of 1-6 people so get together a crew of your brainiest friends and win some great prizes
  • Trivia events last about an hour and a half
  • Prizes, including food coupons, movie passes and more, will be awarded for the Top 3 teams and the halftime leader
  • Throughout the night you’ll be working on an image round on the back of your sheet

About Trivia Mafia: Trivia Mafia is the largest trivia provider in Minnesota with over 50 weekly events. The Mafia formed when Chuck Terhark and Sean McPherson started running a Sunday trivia night at 331 Club in January of 2007. Trivia Mafia excels in providing the best trivia on earth for bars, corporate functions, bar mitzvahs and more.

For More information: Please contact Sean McPherson at (612)868-4070