Join Us For A Very Special Spelling Bee!

On Wednesday, August 10, Hot Indian Foods and Eastlake Brewery are teaming up for a one time awesome Spelling Bee inside the Global Market!

This Spelling Bee is going down at 7pm (registration at 6:30) and it will feature Max Leibowitz + Andy Hilbrands hosting alongside Ander Other on the wheels of steel.

This Spelling Bee is free to enter, but there’s plenty of awesome prizes for good spellers!

Spellers will receive a number and will then step up and spell a relatively easy word. The reward for the first word you spell correctly? A lack of embarrassment.

On the second round every correctly spelled word will land each playing a Midtown Global Market dollar!

The third round is where things heat up. To score a five dollar Midtown Global Market piece, a speller can elect to use a word of Indian origin. These words will largely be pulled from the vocabulary of Indian cuisine.

Throughout the night Ander Other will be providing fantastic jams from all genres, but he will be peppering a little bit of Bollywood vibes to set the mood.

Eastlake Craft Brewery

920 E. Lake St. #123

Minneapolis, MN