Uptown Is Getting Its Own Spelling Bee!

Come Join Trivia Mafia and The Country Bar on Wednesday, August 31 for the first Trivia Mafia Drinkin’ Spelling Bee in Uptown  

The corner of Lyndale + Lake is getting hot, and the newly-reborn Country Bar is at the heart of the action. 

Starting next Wednesday, Uptown folks won’t have to travel far to get their spelling bee fix on! 

The Trivia Mafia Spelling Bee works a lot like your typical elementary school spelling bee, but with some notable changes. Registration opens at 6:30pm and participants throw down $7. That $7 gets them a registration number and a coupon for a complimentary (and optional) beer. 

At 7PM, our host will invite our spellers one by one on to the spelling stand. Spellers are asked to spell a word from our Round 1 list, which are generally pretty easy to spell. Examples of a Round 1 word include vandalism or intrusive. 

Throughout the bee, spellers are permitted to ask for the language of origin, example sentence and definition of the word. Spellers may also request another judge to read the word. Spellers are generally derided verbally by our judges if they do this for the easy words from round 1.

Every time a speller spells a word correctly, they will receive another coupon for a complimentary (and optional) beer. The bee will go through as many rounds as necessary to whittle it down to one winner. This winner will receive a $15 gift card to a local business and bragging rights until next Wednesday! 

Wednesday, August 31 at 7pm (registration at 6:30)

3006 Lyndale Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55408