Chef Shack Ranch Trivia Is Coming!

Trivia Mafia is shacking up with one of the greatest food trucks to go brick-and-mortar.

Chef Shack Ranch has staked its claim in Minneapolis’ Seward neighborhood, serving up delicious, organic, locally-sourced goodness.

Run by Lisa Carlson and Carrie Summer -- the “Godmothers of Food Trucking in the North” -- they make street food that satisfies the soul, including burgers, pulled pork and brisket sandwiches, tacos and a mean tempeh Reuben.

And if you love your trivia a little bit earlier in the evening, you are super in luck. Erin kicks off the quiz every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

Everyone who comes out to play during the maiden voyage on Nov. 29 scores FREE MINI DONUTS! And every week, the team with the highest score halfway through the night scores, you called it, FREE MINI DONUTS! I mean, come on!

The Chef Shack is a little new place we where can get together for trivia. Chef Shack baby.


Trivia Mafia at Chef Shack Ranch

Every Wednesday at 6:30pm – starting Nov. 29


Chef Shack Ranch

3025 E. Franklin Ave.

Minneapolis, MN