Yo Eastsiders -- It's On This November!

For the first time, the best trivia in America is coming to the heart of St. Paul’s East Side -- and this place is East Side to the bone.

Brunson’s Pub, named after the neighborhood legend who did the original land surveying of St. Paul, is a spot with incredible character -- and food that will knock you off your seat, bench, stool, or whatever you’re choosing to rest on these days.

They craft artisanal sandwiches, burgers, salad dressings, and uniquely-delicious shareable plates.

Brunson’s makes some tremendous, unbelievable cocktails, too, like the sweet-and-spicy Bad Hombre. It’s fantastic, believe me.

Also, two simple, joyous words: “Pulled Bacon.” ‘Nuff said.

Come play with us this November on Payne Avenue!


Trivia Mafia at Brunson’s Pub

Every Tuesday at 8:30pm – starting Nov. 7


Brunson’s Pub
656 Payne Avenue
St. Paul, MN