Get Sagier By Playing Trivia At Sage On Laurel

Historic downtown Brainerd is about to catch Saturday Night Fever, but not the fatal kind, or the Travolta-borne strain.

We’re delighted to announce the world’s greatest trivia is coming to Sage on Laurel! It’s our second location in Brainerd, and our fourth spot in the Brainerd Lakes area!

Sage is located in a gorgeous, century-old building, and they are bout-it-bout-it Brainerd, serving area beers like Roundhouse and Jack Pine, and brewing that tasty and local Stonehouse Coffee.

Their burgers, sandwiches, salads and deserts are dangerously noshable, and if you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant or have other food allergies -- they’ve got your back, and tummy.

And after you’ve tried their Muhammara Nachos, you will a) know what muhammara is, and b) will fantically ask you teammates how you lived your whole life up to now without consuming muhammara daily!

Trivia at Sage On Laurel

Every Saturday at 8pm – starting Oct. 13

Sage On Laurel

606 Laurel St,

Brainerd, MN