We Can Be Happy Underground!

Have you ever wanted to go subterranean to play the world’s greatest bar trivia? Well, that’s too bad, because we’re about to go underground -- while 830 feet above sea level.

Underground Music Cafe, located down the block from Target Field, is bringing some early-evening trivia to their street-level fun bunker every Wednesday night!

UMC is all about supporting local artists, local music, local beer, local coffee, and now locally-sourced questions.

They concoct fantastic coffee drinks if you need a post-work boost, and they have a money menu that includes a diverse selection of Totchos. (Perhaps the tastiest of portmanteaus.)

Kristen O. will be your guide down the mind shaft, so bring along one of those hard hat that has a light on it … because it’s “underground,” remember?

Trivia at Underground Music Cafe

Every Wednesday at 6pm – starting Oct. 17

Underground Music Cafe

408 N. 3rd St.

Minneapolis, MN