Libertine Trivia Is So On!

We Trivia Mafia folk like to fancy ourselves as “libertines.” (But, like only in the bold, free-thinker sense, and not so much in the sense that #MeToo is gloriously working to annihilate.)

That’s why we’ve joined forces with the fancy folks at Libertine in Calhoun Square -- a location so perpetually cool that Prince wrote a damn song about it!

If you haven’t been inside Libertine recently, the vibe is still very much intact, but you’ll be blown away by their new look.

They’ve also upped their “game” game, with table tennis, skee ball, foosball and a whole lot more. (Oh, and GIANT BEER PONG on the roof in the summer!)

And as you quiz the night away with us, you’ll enjoy $3 Bells beers and $5 cheeseburgers!

“Come” “Party Up” with us in “Uptown” every Wednesday night with host Ira Brooker!

Hmm, let’s see if we can fit in another Prince song … um, “Batdance”? That works!

Trivia at Libertine

Every Wednesday at 7pm – starting Oct. 24


3001 Hennepin Ave.

Minneapolis, MN