Trivia Flushes In The Other Direction @ Spiral Brewing

Hastings -- y’all ready to take The Upward Spiral? Ha, catch that reference, Trent? (We send all of our press releases to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, who we hear is a big trivia press release fanboy.)

The world’s greatest bar trivia is coming to Spiral Brewing -- the first in Hastings since Prohibition!

Named after Hastings’ iconic -- and long gone -- spiral bridge, this place pours some seriously wonderful brews in their historically beautiful taproom. Whether you’re an insufferable beer snob, or a hopeless beer dork, your palate will be humming.

Order in from a nearby restaurant, or buy a bag (or 12) of Dots pretzels on site. And for the probiotic neurotic in you, they also brew some lovely kombucha.

In closing, please charter a private jet and come to the opening night of Spiral Brewing trivia, Trent. We figure you could use some inspiration after that meh soundtrack to “Gone Girl.”

Trivia at Spiral Brewing

Every Wednesday at 7pm – starting Nov. 7

Spiral Brewing

111 2nd St. E

Hastings, MN