Speakeasy When You Play Trivia In Lowertown

Psssssst … Hey you reading this press release. The code word to get into our latest trivia night in St. Paul is “We’re here for trivia. May I see your drink menu?” That’s really a pair of code sentences, I guess, but commit them to memory nonetheless!

Trivia Mafia returns to Lowertown next week at the speakeasy below PUBLIC kitchen + bar in the Park Square Court Building.

Green Lantern Cocktails + Music has nothing to do with superheroes with magical jewelry, and everything to do with atmosphere and stunning cocktails.

Unlike the Green Lantern Saloon, the Prohibition-era gangster’s paradise located about a half mile away, this incarnation doesn’t cater to the criminal element -- especially wouldbe trivia cheaters!

Their menu features 40+ sophisticated cocktails, including nine outstanding originals like the Volstead and the Wabasha. They also serve great plates like the Octopus Tacos. (It’s not what you think, yet it totally is at the same time!)

Don’t bring your Tommy gun to this speakeasy, unless you know some guy named Tommy Gunn and he likes trivia, which is fine. Tim Gunn is super invited, too, if you know him.


Trivia at Green Lantern Cocktails + Music

Every Tuesday at 8pm – starting Feb. 27


Green Lantern Cocktails + Music

229 6th St. E

St. Paul, MN