We're Got A Burning Sensation...And We Like It!

Round up all your rowdy friends for our latest trivia endeavor in St. Paul!

Actually, let’s walk that back a bit. Please exclude the following folks from the trivia text message chain: Barley, Wheat, Rye and Jessica.

Burning Brothers Brewing makes unbelievably good beer that happens to be gluten-free, and brewed on site in their dedicated gluten-free facility.

Run by Tom and Dane -- fire-breathing brothers from another mother (seriously, that’s how they once paid their bills) -- their taproom is refreshingly frill free, with all the TLC put into the beer.

From serious pale ales, to coffee beers, to delicious fruit shandys, these folks know how to compose memorable brews.

Munch on free popcorn and cravable gluten-free snacks from local vendors as you dig into our brainy and non-grainy quiz.

Yo, celiac disease! You’re now on house arrest every Saturday night!


Trivia at Burning Brothers Brewing

Every Saturday at 7pm – starting April 14


Burning Brothers Brewing

1750 Thomas Ave W

St. Paul, MN