Steel Yourself For St. Louis Park Trivia

Lace up some quality protective footwear, because we’re about to start dropping a heavy duty load of the world’s greatest bar trivia in St. Louis Park.

Steel Toe Brewing will start offering an early evening quiz every Monday, and we can’t think of a better way to unwind after clocking out.

Their beer is some of the best made in the Twin Cities, and its been recognized the world over for its quality. The Provider Golden Ale won the silver medal at this year’s World Beer Cup, and their India Session Ale won the silver at the 2015 Great American Beer Fest.

And STB is as passionate about giving back to their local community as they are about brewing -- donating their beer and spacious taproom to nonprofits, charities and schools fundraisers every month.

Finish your Mondays steel-strong with Trivia Mafia and STB!


Trivia at Steel Toe Brewing

Every Monday at 5:30pm – starting Aug. 27


Steel Toe Brewing

4848 W. 35th St.

St. Louis Park, MN