Play Trivia @ Dixie's On Grand Every Friday Night!

It’s Friday night. You’re on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue. You’re brainy. You’re the last person in the Milky Way Galaxy who wants to hit up a club. WHAT DO YOU DO?

You come play the World’s Greatest Bar Trivia at Dixie’s On Grand at 9pm! Their southern comfort food is dynamite, featuring shrimp and grits, gumbo, jambalaya, southern fried chicken and fried green tomatoes. Oh, and the beignets amaze!

Also, enjoy $4 Summit & Utepils taps PLUS $3 Dr. McGillicuddy during the quiz.

Trivia Mafia officially has the vapors for Dixie’s, we do declare. Fall under its spell with us starting this Friday!


Trivia at Dixie’s On Grand

Every Friday at 9pm – starting Sept. 7


Trivia at Dixie’s On Grand

695 Grand Ave.

St. Paul, MN