Brainy Bookish Pizza Lovers Unite In Longfellow

When was the last time you had a great slice of pizza inside a bookstore? And no, that one time you snuck a calzone inside B. Dalton and was asked to leave doesn’t count.

We’re kicking off trivia next week at Geek Love Cafe inside Moon Palace Books in Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood!

Not only is it in one of the best bookstores in Minnesota, but this cafe serves nummy-nummy pizza, yummy-yummy salads, scrummy-scrummy baked goods -- plus beer and wine. They also have great vegan options and fair trade coffee at the ready.

And if you’re light rail inclined, Geek Love Cafe is just a five minute walk from the Metro Transit green line.

Trivia Mafia in a bookstore -- it just feels so right. Round up your brain trust and we’ll see you next Wednesday night.

Trivia at Geek Love Cafe (at Moon Palace Books)

Every Wednesday at 6pm – starting Jan. 23

Geek Love Cafe

3032 Minnehaha Ave.

Minneapolis, MN