God Save Little Shops, China Cups & The Royal Foundry!

Just when you thought we’ll never be royals -- boom! The world’s greatest bar trivia is getting knighted, or damed, or Markle’d.

Royal Foundry Craft Spirits, west of International Market Square near Downtown Minneapolis (and right next to La Doña Cervecería), is a glass-to-grain distillery that makes their spirits in the British style.

London dry gin, rums in the light, dark and spiced varieties, and single malt, barrel-aged whisky. Hmmmm, you’re bloody well right they’re tasty.

Their Cocktail Room is the biggest in the Twin Cities, with an amazing curved bar that drops you into the Gillespie Road tube station (renamed “Arsenal” in 1932). And they have English pub games galore, including a couple lanes of 9-pin skittles!

No beans on toast, unfortunately, but a food truck will be on hand to fill your Derby Kelly, or get delivery.

Gather the blokes and grab a scrummy cocktail or three, and spend Tuesday nights with us in North Minneapolis’ Camelot!

Trivia at Royal Foundry Craft Spirits

Every Tuesday at 7pm – Starting Jan. 15

Royal Foundry Craft Spirits

241 Fremont Ave. N.

Minneapolis, MN