We're Stacking The Deck In Your Favor In Downtown St. Paul

We’re gearing up to bring our high stakes trivia to the home of  “High Stakes Brews.”

The world’s greatest bar trivia is coming to Stacked Deck Brewing in downtown St. Paul every Monday night -- starting January 21.

It’s located inside the old Dayton’s building, which has been gloriously reconceived as the Treasure Island Center (home to the Minnesota Wild’s brand-spankin’-new training facility).

They’ve got eight serious beers on tap, including the Snake Pilssen (a great American Pilsner AND a great John Carpenter reference) and the fantastic double IPA called the Ante Up Amarillo.

Plus, they have a crazy, awe-inspiring “chandelier” floating above their bar that will bring you trivia experience to a whole different level.

Trivia at Stacked Deck Brewing

Every Monday at 6pm – starting Jan. 21

Stacked Deck Brewing

421 Cedar St.

St. Paul, MN