A Long Time Ago (Now) In A Galaxy Far, Far Away (Albertville)...

“Greetings, Earthlings. We come in peace. We only seek to destroy you in trivia, and perhaps Skee-Ball.”

Trivia Mafia is coming to Space Aliens Grill & Bar next week! That’s right, folks -- there’s a place off I-94 by the Albertville Premium Outlets called “Space Aliens,” and to say it’s “out of this world” would be a cliché … a wonderfully-accurate cliché!

If you’ve always wanted to visit Pizza Planet from “Toy Story” but couldn’t because it’s not real, you’re in luck! Complete with a sick game room, red vinyl booths straight outta the pizza paroles of yore, and a guy in a big alien suit -- we’re absolutely in love with this darn place.

They have a stellar menu, including kickin’ BBQ, loaded baked potatoes the size of a dwarf planet, and “Martian Munchies.” (Yes, they DID discover stoners on Mars, but the government doesn’t want you to know!)

Also during Tuesday trivia, buy an adult meal and get a kids pizza for $1.99, plus 10 free tokens!

Beam yourselves up to Albertville for the galaxy's greatest trivia night!

Trivia at Space Aliens

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm – starting Feb. 19

Space Aliens Grill & Bar

11166 CR-37

Albertville, MN