We're A Fan Of The Pan

Heads up, Central Minnesota -- the world’s greatest bar trivia is pulling into Pantown U.S.A.

Catch us every Thursday night at St. Cloud’s Pantown Brewing Company! Located in the neighborhood that shares its name, this brewery is inspired in part by St. Cloud’s ill-fated Pan Motor Company, which made 735 cars in two years before folding.

A century after the company’s demise, it’s getting one tasty tribute. Pantown has just under a dozen brews on tap, including 4 lovely signature beers: The 1917 American IPA, Classic Cream Ale, Flat Iron Amber Ale, and the Deep Forge Mill Stout.

Nosh on some little bites, including charcuterie, pretzels and popcorn, or order in from a nearby restaurant. (You can’t lose with New York Gyros, btw.)

So buckle up for one hell of a trivial ride through Pantown with us each week. Actually, we highly doubt Pan cars had any sort of safety feature -- so just hang on loosely!

Trivia at Pantown Brewing Company

Thursdays at 7pm – starting March 14

Pantown Brewing Company

408 37th Ave. N.

St. Cloud, MN