Even The Monday Nights Are Better -- Thanks To The Loop Trivia!

Ahh, Monday nights. Typically spent watching “Friends” on Netflix til you fall asleep, all while trying to stop replaying that incident in your head from the afternoon meeting when you kinda told Todd off, but no one had your back, and it was like ultra-mortifying.

 Well, stop the insanity -- with the help of the world’s greatest bar trivia and The Loop!

 Nestled between Bunker’s and Cuzzy’s in the North Loop, this spot will excise your anxiety for a couple hours with their Fulton beer-battered chicken strips, luscious cocktails and “Cookie Chippers”!  

Oh, and happy hour kicks in during trivia! Enjoy $2 off taps, premium rails, wines by the glass, signature cocktails, apps and pizza!

OK, back to the “Cookie Chippers.” You MUST order this, for at least two reasons: 1) It’s fun to say “Cookie Chippers,” especially after booze,  and 2) it’s a bunch of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies PLUS vanilla ice cream and stuff!

Don’t let Todd own your night! Kick them nasty thoughts and get Loopy with us!

Trivia At The Loop

Every Monday at 8pm

The Loop

606 Washington Ave. N

Minneapolis, MN