Piggy Bank Trivia Is Now A Thing!

There aren’t many places on God’s green earth that can satisfy ravenous carnivores, voracious vegans and trivia fanatics all at once -- but we’ve found one, and it’s in the heart of Uptown!

Play the world’s greatest bar trivia every Wednesday night at Piggy Bank on Hennepin Avenue! Their mouthwatering burgers and fries come from beef and potatoes ground and sliced fresh daily. And their poultry offerings, from the fine folks at Gerber’s Amish Farms, are fresher than the San Diego Chicken. No antibiotics need apply.

And Piggy Bank also has a vegan menu for the ages, thanks to the gastronomic geniuses at The Herbivorous Butcher. It’s a mirrored version of their meaty menu … kinda like Superman and Bizarro Superman, but if the latter was plant-based, and not a total jerk.

Throw in some great cocktails, craft beer and loveable trivia host Matt, and your Hump Day nights will have you squealing with delight.

Trivia At Piggy Bank

Every Wednesday at 9pm

Piggy Bank

2841 Hennepin Ave.

Minneapolis, MN