BREAKING: McCoy's Public House Ends Feud With Hatfields, Befriends Trivia Mafia

Many claim to be the “real McCoy,” like that 90s German dance group, or that bad Kim Basinger-Val Kilmer movie, or the two guys who played “McCoy” in “Star Trek.” Alas, all are sad pretenders.

After an extensive verification process, Trivia Mafia has declared McCoy’s Public House to be THE real McCoy! Naturally, we then decided to put on the world’s greatest bar trivia there every Saturday night!

Join host Steven for a late-night quiz, accompanied by Lawsuit Sliders, a 12-Hour Reuben and one fierce ice cream sandwich.

McCoy’s menu is packed with the most sumptuous comfort food, and they have a gluten-free menu, too. Sip from their big wine and bubbly menu, sup their several martinis and cocktails -- and behold their gargantuan selection of tap and bottled beers. Also, their late-night happy hour kicks in an hour into trivia!

Drats … we’ve got that Real McCoy song stuck in our heads now. Thanks a lot, us!

Trivia At McCoy’s Public House

Every Saturday at 9pm

McCoy’s Public House

3801 Grand Way

St. Louis Park, MN