Grumpy Brewers Make Amazing Beer

Midwest taprooms are fast becoming a dime a dozen, leaving most beer lovers unfulfilled after many a malty rendezvous.

But the folks at Disgruntled Brewing in Perham have honed that disappointment, crafting a dozen bold stouts and ales that are restoring our faith in brewmanity.

We like beer, especially darn-good beer, so we’re bringing the world’s greatest bar trivia to Otter Tail County every Wednesday night.

Pour some Guvnor down your gullet (their English amber ale) while you enjoy your deep brain massage from host Michelle. And when was the last time you enjoyed a great gose in a taproom? We never had, until we tasted their Contaminated Lemonade. Do try it, especially if you’ve avoided sours because your wimpy friends can’t handle ‘em.

Munch on a variety of Harry’s and Giovanni's pizzas, and let all that discontentment melt away. In fact, they should really consider changing the name to “Previously Disgruntled Brewing.” We’ll make sure to point that out to them.

Trivia At Disgruntled Brewing

Every Wednesday at 7pm

Disgruntled Brewing

735 2nd St. SE

Perham, MN