The Muddy Cow Will Make You Shout 'Wow!'

Mooooooove over, pub quiz pretenders in the Stillwater area. The world’s greatest bar trivia is gettin’ down and dirty Sunday nights.

Catch us at Muddy Cow in Oak Park Heights for a night of beefy and brainy fun!

They serve up 16 kinds of tantalizing, never-frozen burgers. Just think, you can spend 4 months worth of trivia nights enjoying a different burger each time.

Muddy Cow also slings sandwiches, wings, pizza, salads, fantastic fries, jumbo onion rings, and other crazy good apps -- like the American poutine! (♪Don’t stay away from meeeeeee!♪) And all ingredients are sourced from farms in a 300-mile radius.

Players will also enjoy 2-for-1 drinks all day, plus $6 apps til 9!

It’s hosted by our lovable cheeseball Brian Ward. Oh, that reminds us, Muddy Cow has a popcorn machine … FULL OF COMPLIMENTARY CHEESEBALLS!!!

Folks, this is an udderly unforgettable way to wrap up the weekend.

Trivia At The Muddy Cow

Every Sunday at 7:30pm

The Muddy Cow

5991 Northwich Ave N.

Oak Park Heights, MN