We're Baking A Deep Dish Quiz In Ramsey

The world’s greatest bar trivia has hooked up with a Chicagoland pizza institution.

Play with us at Aurelio’s Pizza in Ramsey every Monday night! They’ve given the Midwest 60 years of legendary deep dish pizza -- not to mention their homemade Italian sausage sandwiches. Plus their deep dish cookies are magnifico!

Aurelio’s also sports a full bar with a stellar beer and cocktail selection.

Make sure to say “Slice to meet you” to the waitstaff! Hmm, on second thought don’t. They may think you’re a “weirdough” or something. OK, we’ll stop with the “pun”ishment for now.

Trivia At Aurelio’s Pizza

Every Monday at 7pm

Aurelio’s Pizza

6415 Hwy. 10

Ramsey, MN