Trivia Mafia's Gettin' Celtic

The best mornings begin with great breakfast, and the best evenings end with great trivia.

Soon, both will live under one roof, as Celts Pub in Farmington teams up with Trivia Mafia to bookend each Tuesday with greatness.

The third location in the Celts Pub family boasts unbeatable breakfast options and plenty of classic American standbys for lunch and dinner.

Hungry trivia players can share a piping hot pizza, or wrap their mitts around the burger of their choice -- adventurous Farmingtonians might opt for Custer’s Last Stand, topped with giardiniera, pepperoni, and monterey jack ghost pepper cheese.

Wash that down with a legendary 25-ounce Bloody Blarney or any of the 17 beers on tap.

Speaking of beer, Fulton Lonely Blonde is on special on Tuesday nights, and they’re cooking up new specials as trivia gets underway.

Local host Haley is excited to kick off Trivia Mafia’s first foray into Farmington!

Trivia At Celts Pub

Every Tuesday at 7pm - Starting June 18

Celts Pub

200 3rd St.

Farmington, MN