Smokey Meats Meets Smokey Trivia

Bark and the Bite has great bark (that’s the smoky crust on the outside of BBQ meats) and great bites (um, hello... BBQ meats?!), and with the addition of the world’s best trivia, it’ll soon have great brainiacs too.

Beginning July 24, Trivia Mafia will add a side of IQ to the incredible BBQ at Bark and the Bite. Each Wednesday, teams will try to smoke the competition by answering trivia questions about everything imaginable.

At Bark and the Bite, BBQ is served Memphis-style, so there’s no shortage of smokiness to be found. Those who max out at “Minnesota spicy” levels will love the Cherry Bourbon Barbecue sauce, while those looking for more ample heat might take on the aptly-named WildFire sauce. Add a side of collard greens or arugula potato salad, and don’t forget a healthy stack of napkins -- a necessity to keep the trivia sheet free of barbecue sauce.

Wash all of that down with a beer from local breweries like BlackStack, Modist, or Bad Weather, or indulge in a cleverly named cocktail, like a “G.D.O.F” (Grand Dad’s Old Fashioned) or a “Fake It and Name Us” (naked and famous... get it?).

Host Ira is ready to partake in the bark, the bites, and everything else that comes with great BBQ -- all he needs are some brainiacs ready to be grilled!

Trivia At Bark and the Bite

Every Wednesday at 8pm - Starting July 24!

Bark and the Bite

2186 Marshall Ave

St Paul, MN 55104