X Golf, Meet T Rivia

Playing six rounds of golf in a single day would be absurd. But playing six rounds of trivia questions in a single day? That’s more like it.

Beginning August 1, Trivia Mafia brings the world’s best bar trivia to the indoor links at X-Golf Woodbury.

X-Golf’s impressive technological arsenal creates a super-authentic simulated golf experience while gathering a plethora of stats about each shot and swing. Choose from a catalog of golf’s most famous courses, and see what it’s like to play Augusta National or St. Andrews without shelling out for a plane ticket and green fees.

In between strokes, Trivia Mafia will tee up six rounds of questions, an image round, and a matching round to test players’ mental mettle. Show up early to par-take in happy hour from 3-6pm with specials on all Bauhaus Brew Labs beers, or drive your team to first place at halftime to win a free round of Bauhaus beers -- just make sure there’s no cheating; these beers must be won the fair-way

Trivia At X-Golf Woodbury

Every Thursday at 6pm - Starting August 1

X-Golf Woodbury

8150 Coller Way, Suite 500

Woodbury, MN 55125