Downtown Omaha Now Rumbling With Trivial Delights

Locally brewed beers are the best kind of beers, but the world’s best trivia is still the world’s best trivia, no matter where you are.

That’s how you know Omaha’s Thunderhead Brewing and Minneapolis’s Trivia Mafia are going to get along marvelously.

Thunderhead touts 21 taps, and there’s no shortage of creative, tasty concoctions among them. Their nine “main beers” span the spectrum of suds -- if you like pale wheat beers or Russian imperial stouts or anything in between, Thunderhead has you covered. And that doesn’t even take into account their five big batch offerings or their seven limited releases... If you like beer, you can’t not like Thunderhead.

Trivia Mafia likes to cover the same amount of ground as Thunderhead in each night of trivia. With questions about current events, history, pop culture, obscure facts, math, rhymes, history, and anything else that comes to the question writers’ minds (plus an image round and a sound round!), if you like to know things, you can’t not like Trivia Mafia.

So grab some pals, join local host Greg, and put your (Thunder)heads together over a game of Trivia Mafia.

Trivia At Thunderhead Brewing

Every Thursday at 7pm

Thunderhead Brewing

1037 Jones St.

Omaha, NE 68102