Tart Trivia Now At Minneapolis Cider Company

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a cider a day has GOT to be good for you too. Enter Minneapolis Cider Company.

The mantra at Minneapolis Cider Co. is “Welcome to Cider,” and recently, they extended another “welcome” to Trivia Mafia, meaning you can now find your cider fix alongside the world’s best bar trivia... It’s almost too good to be true.

And don’t your preconceived notions of ciders lead you astray: not all ciders are created equal. Try a glass of peach or raspberry cider, or perhaps the mango habanero. If you think you’ve conquered all that cider has to offer, get your hands on a Royale cocktail, Minneapolis Cider Co.’s experimental and highly versatile spirit made from distilled, aged cider.

No matter how you take your cider, you can’t be wrong... Here’s hoping the same can be said for your trivia game. Host Naomi is ready to put you and your smartest pals to the test.

Trivia At Minneapolis Cider Company

Every Tuesday at 7:30pm

Minneapolis Cider Company

701 9th Street SE

Minneapolis, MN 55414