We're Bringing Craftiness To Eastlake Craft Brewery

Die-hard beer fans and die-hard trivia fans unite: Trivia Mafia is officially in full swing at Eastlake Craft Brewery.

This brewery, located in the corner of the Midtown Global Market, offers an impressively wide selection of all things tasty -- the perfect accompaniment to Trivia Mafia’s impressively wide selection of weekly trivia categories.

Their 16 beers on tap range from delightfully summer-y sours to an easy-drinking pils, plus a handful of tasty variations on an IPA and a few brews of the darker, maltier sort. All of their beers are entirely vegan, and a few have reduced gluten: leave no beer drinker behind.

For nourishment while you and your teammates tackle the world’s best trivia, you can carry in food from any of the fantastic Midtown Global Market vendors or order right at the bar from six of those restaurants for tableside delivery.

Each week, host Cody dishes out a new trivia challenge, so grab a team, a beer, a meal, and a seat this coming Sunday.

Trivia At Eastlake Craft Brewery

Every Sunday at 7:30pm

Eastlake Craft Brewery

920 E. Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55407